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Sintered Bronze| Flange Bushings

Sintered Bronze| Flange Bushings

These sintered bronze flange bearings are made from a powder, sintered, and then impregnated with an high grade 100 viscosity, non-detergent turbine oil; which makes them self lubricating. We have nearly 300 sizes available for purchase and they are available off the shelf for immediate shipment. 

They designed to be highly wear resistant, ductile,  and corrosive resistant.  They operate well in temperatures from -35° to 200°. But can also be customized with other oils to handle higher temperatures.

  •  ASTM| B438-13, CT-1000-K26,
  • SAE| AMS-4805-E, Previous 841
  • Military| MIL-B-5687D, Type 1 Grade 1 Comp A