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Industries Served

  Our team is available to help you with your purchase. Whether it a product available on the store, an RFQ or a special; we can help you. Here are some of the industries we have served.


Earth Moving Equipment
front and loader arm bushings, pivot point bushings, idler wheel bushings, pile driving pads, bushings for wheel assemblies
Cylinder pistons and rods, wear rings, clevis pin, casings
Agriculture Equipment
Harvester replacement parts, Tractor king pins
Automotive Assembly Line
Conveyor bushings, de-greasing bushings, wear pads
Heavy Transport
Bogie, trunion, pivot bushings, thrust washers, bushings for shackles
Offshore and Marine
Stern Tubes, Rudder stock bearings, pulley block bushings, overhead crane bushings and guide pads, mooring roller bearings, deck cranes bushings
Water / Sewage Treatment Plants
Pump bearings, wear rings, wear bearings, seal rings, gate bearings, effluent slinger thrust bearings
Paper / Textile Production
Stenter blades, conveyor rollers, squeeze bearings and wear pads
Steel / Aluminum Manufacturing
Cart Wheel bushings, conveyor wear pads, slide plates, cylinder bushings
Other Applications
Office Machines, Food Processing, Railway Transport, Chemical Production, Mining Tools and Equipment, Material Handling