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C93200 Cored Bar| 2"ID x 3-1/2"OD (SAE 660) Oversized To Finish

  • ASTM B-505
  • Chemical Certifications Included w/ the order (By Request)

Chemical Composition

81-85% 6.25-7.5% 6.0-8.0% 2.0-4.0%


Typical Properties

Tensile Strength (PSI) Yield Strength (PSI) Elongation in 2" Brinell @ 500 KG Load Operating Temperature Alloy Specs Manufacturing Specs
35,000 20,000 10% min 65 typical

-450° to 500°

C93200, SAE 660 ASTM B505, QQ-C-390B

Note: each piece of metal is slightly different than the last. These properties are posted for illustration purposes.

- more inventory available, ~1-2 weeks to ship